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Latest News : Everybody Wants Manziel and Tebow To Join Vince McMahon's XFL

1. Vince McMahon is expected to announce the formation of XFL future this afternoon.

So @AlphaEntLLC just trialled a live-stream ahead of their press conference at 3PM E.T.

This was the final shot.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s happening.
When news broke Thursday morning that the press conference was happening, people on Twitter couldn't help but fantasize about a league that would feature Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow.

Plot twist...The XFL returns and brings a team to Cleveland lead by QB...Johnny Manziel

Philly better have a XFL team and Manziel or Tebow has to be the qb

XFL 2.0 Opening Night:

Tim Tebow vs. Johnny Manziel... calling it now

If the XFL doesn’t give Johnny Manziel however much money he wants then what’s even the point

Haha XFL is back! Johnny Manziel will have a 20 year football career.

Tim Tebow QB of the Cincinnati Christians vs Johnny Manziel QB of the Manhattan Misfits

I would give them all my money. https://twitter.com/espn/status/956550619912916992 

Early XFL Mock Draft Board:

1) Tebow
2) Manziel
3) The dude who plays The Mountain
4) Air Bud
5) Brett Favre

Yes, is back! Tim Tebow can be a star again. Only he will have to change his name to He Loves Me!

When baseball fails Tim Tebow getting max contract in XFL
2. The MLB Hall of Fame remains one of the biggest jokes in all of sports. So many guys who should be in aren't. Many guys who shouldn't be in are in. For example:

Albert Belle stats from 1991-2000
28HR-95 RBI-.282
34HR-112 RBI-.260
38HR-129 RBI-.290
36HR-101 RBI-.357
50HR-126 RBI -317
48HR-148 RBI-.311
30HR-116 RBI-.274
49HR-152 RBI-.328
37HR-117 RBI-.297
23HR-103 RBI-.281

*Doesn't get Hall of Fame votes because he was mean to writers.
Since the voting is flawed and the museum has little credibility, the fun thing to do when the voting is announced, as it was last night, is too look at the bottom of the ballot to see which less-than-worthy players got votes. Here are this year's results:
Jamie Moyer: 10 votes (2.4%)
Johan Santana: 10 votes (2.4%)
Johnny Damon: 8 votes (1.9%)
Hideki Matsui: 4 votes (0.9%)
Chris Carpenter: 2 votes (0.5%)
Kerry Wood: 2 votes (0.5%)
Livan Hernandez: 1 vote (0.2%)
Carlos Lee: 1 vote (0.2%)
3. I will never root for an underdog to win more than I will for this Super Bowl prop bet.
Member of NSync Performs with Justin Timberlake
Yes +200
No -260
4. Blake Griffin was VERY salty last night.

Blake Griffin gets a tech for throwing a ball at a ref and then says, "Now I gotta pay money because you can't f-----g catch."
5Here's your headline and story of the day: "Police called on suspicious person offering ‘free-throw advice’ at KU men’s basketball dorm."
6. Bill Raftery's most famous call came on this date in 1988.
7. Here's what happened the last time Vince McMahon tried to get into the pro football business.

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